James Whale joins Shades Of Bad


    Sometime ago we announced James Whale joining the cast for a guest Christmas episode some time ago, and Christmas is upon us, so James Whale talks with Stuart St Paul in a frank behind the scenes film. James talks about his near death with kidney cancer, the charity he now runs and the work it does, and the 40 year friendship the two have had since being radio DJ’s together on Metro Radio.
    We also get a glimpse the new style title sequence which is being cut into the long form broadcast versions of the show, one of which (Episodes 1 to 5 as the first ten minutes) might get shared on YouTube.

    James has interviewed Stuart St Paul twice on his radio show, here is current interview the week before his Boxing Day Episode comes out http://jameswhaleradio.co.uk/ep-117-the-dry-drinker-james-whale-radio-show/

    The blog has gone out on Stuart St Paul blogspot and Web Series Blog spot and other will use it. Please enjoy.

    Enjoy Christmas. And share Shades Of Bad with a friend.