EPISODE 46 – Trash


    Episode 46 (27th May 2016). Drek’s man is frightened Doris has been compromised and is about to be taken in Norway. he will not hand over the package but leaves it somewhere for her to pick up.

    Shades of Bad releases a new episode every week any time between the Sunday and the Thursday in time for the following weekend. Special Guests stars appear in Season 2 and 3. We are now joined by Derek Redmond appearing as Drek. Soon to join the cast will be Manuel Martinez who appears with Doris in Barcelona in episode 57 and 59, and…. hold your breath, the very first actor EVER seen on East Enders, a good pub quiz question… Nej Adamson who played Ali who ran the kebab shop is more recently known for Pirate Of The Caribbean. But first, you saw Detective Inspector James Whale on Boxing Day 2015, that seems ages ago.