Episode 36 – USED


    Ep 36 – USED – 24th January 2016. Wilma feels used and is now out to kill, she is mad at Doris.
    After much consideration this morning, as Wilma pulls a weapon on Doris, though the fight does not start in this episode, we decided to age restrict it as the performances are quite harrowing. What this means is you might be asked to subscribe to YouTube and add some basic details like your age, this is so young children cannot watch Wilma lose it with Doris. Enjoy, we are building to a huge end of season shock.

    Doris Shades Of Bad – 36 by DorisShades

    Shades of Bad releases a new episode every week any time between the Sunday and the Thursday in time for the following weekend. Special Guests stars appear in Season 2 and 3. We look forward to Derek Redmond appearing as Drek in season three. Manuel Martinez appears with Doris in Barcelona in episode 62, and…. hold your breath, the very first actor EVER seen on East Enders, a good pub quiz question… Nej Adamson who played Ali who ran the kebab shop is more recently known for Pirate Of The Caribbean. But first, you saw Detective Inspector James Whale on Boxing Day 2015, that seems ages ago.

    It is important to us that you subscribe to our new YouTube Channel. It is free and if you register your age it means you see the age and you are over 18, it means you see the age restricted episodes without a problem. Comment here, please follow, share, tweet and retweet using hash tag #ShadesOfBad & #NoDoris.

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