Episode 16 – MEET BILL


    Episode 16 – MEET BILL – 6th September 2015. Saw actress Jean Heard who plays Doris being voted no1 Actress in a world web series. Congratulations. A pig farmer calls for Doris, and she decides they are all called Bill. Elsie doesn’t know whether she is coming, or going, or coming. But on the phone to a pig farmer Elsie and Bill, the pig farmer get voted the number 4 duo in a series. Shades Of Bad was voted 5th web series in the world.

    Shades Of Bad is a coffee break continuing drama about Doris Shades; a women scorned and for her, revenge is served hot or cold. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON DAILY MOTION

    Shades of Bad releases a new episode every week. Special Guests appear in Season 2 and 3. Manuel Martinez appears with Doris in Barcelona in episode 62, but first is Detective Inspector James Whale on Boxing Day.
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