BTS04 Jean Heard who plays Doris recounts Season 1


    Actress Jean Heard looks back on her favourite bits in season 1. The show entered the Indie Series world web chart and stayed there for the rest of the year. The highest position was number 2. Jean herself was voted Best Actress for episode 8.

    Now series 2 is done we can expect a look back on that series, eh Jean ??

    Shades Of Bad has also spun of a very successful travel Show, Doris Visits and Jean has her own blog on the travels. There is also an ASK DORIS series, a how to, with a special strand on HOW TO FILM.

    Shades Of Bad is a coffee break continuing drama about Doris Shades; a women scorned and for her, revenge is served hot or cold.

    Shades of Bad releases a new episode every week. Special Guests appear in Season 2 and 3. Manuel Martinez appears with Doris in Barcelona in episode circa 58, but first is Detective Inspector James Whale on Boxing Day.
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