Film Music Composition, Mark Blackledge talks about composing Shades Of Bad


Actress Jean Heard talks with film composer Mark Blackledge in his recording studio large enough for a small orchestra or a large band, and then in the adjacent mixing room with projection and screens so he can work to picture. Mark has scored too many famous US cartoon series, many where he is not allowed to take the credit, but it has afforded him the luxury of freedom to write what he wants in this wonderful facility. He also scored the Nativity films, Bula Quo for Status Quo, Freight, Devil’s Gate as well as other films, and the web series Shades OF Bad which has won world chart acclaim.

Interview with film music composer Mark… by DorisTV

How2 Compose

To contact Mark Blackledge for composition, go to the contacts page of this web site and send us an email.

To hear Mark’s music, as well as watching the web series here, you can also watch the film of the Diamond Botanical Gardens in St Lucia, where the longer music cues from Shades Of Bad are laid over the shots of the gardens.

St Lucia, Doris Visits the Diamond Botanical… by dorisvisits