P&O Azura & Arcadia Cruise ship tours and review


Doris had never considered cruising until posted on a ship by a broadcast daily soap as part of a PR campaign. For those of you new to this site, it was started because of the weekly web TV soap Shades Of Bad, and our executive had been a creative head of department on the UK daily soap Emmerdale for 26 years. Doris, actress Jean Heard also appeared on it and as a pair they were posted to the Fred Olson ship, the Black Watch as guests to talk about the show.

Now Jean is addicted to the fast growing most popular way to holiday, and as Doris she has a number of spin off shows, but the travel show DORIS VISITS now travels the world and spends much of that time focussing on cruise stops. Or port stops. The videos are not detailed port talks that sell the arranged tours, which are great and we do cover some of those organised trips. It is more a friendly approach, often sharing how to explore the island privately or on local buses.

But to the ships, here Doris tours the P&O ship Azura in 2015 in the Fjords and 2016 in the Caribbean.

The floating village is more than a floating hotel with different areas like any village. Some are busy and full of fun, some quiet and exclusive, and you can choose how you experience the ship. You can choose a holiday which docks somewhere new each day by the time you wake as then explore until late afternoon, come back, relax, change and dine. Or, you can choose a cruise with many sea days and enjoy the ship. One thing is for sure, you would go a long way to see such a wide variety of entertainment or fine dining within such an easy walk between decks.

P&O Azura, Doris Visits tours the cruise ship… by dorisvisits

Those of you who follow the series on YouTube in short coffee break bites will know that the Azura was the vehicle to get Doris round and shoot the episodes of Shades Of Bad 44 to 52 which are in Norway and star Olympian Derek Redmond. The Barcelona episodes which are around episode 57 to 61 set for release in August 2016 were shot using the Britannia in 2015 and then the Azura is the romantic episode that follows when she is chased by the younger man, Manuel Martinez. Hey, take a look round the ship. And then take a look at the tour of the Arcadia which is the ship Doris met Derek Redmond on in 2015 on world tour Hong Kong to India and where he agreed to guest star in the show, then she took the ship on a baltic cruise to St Petersburg doing her one woman show on Royal Mistresses in 2016.

P&O Arcadia Cruise Ship, Doris Visits tours the… by dorisvisits