Comedy Cake Review


We love it when we find encouraging reviews, especially when people find Shades Of Bad and start to view from the start. Click her for the review on Comedy Cake.

We are now filming season 3 and intend to go back and recut some mega episodes, so for those just finding the show and starting at episode 1, they can opt for staying with the short bursts, or take the fast route where some episodes are cut together.

We have found though, that as much as we like the longer bursts, just cutting them together does not work. They are styled for heavy music which does not work on the longer versions, so they do end up being recut, and hence needing a complete re-work on the score. Certainly the first episodes of season 2 look ideal for a long episode. We were so keen to get what is episode 3 (23) out for Halloween, that 22 is a little soft. We love to shout when we have a great episode, like 9 and 16, and some love 17, that we can also see when an episode is a little below par. 22 could have been cut with 21 and edited down, but that is how you learn and some of the people who come through our crew are learning, and learning fact.

Episode 22 is probably our weakest episode to date. But 23 is great; Halloween, first casualty.

We also know that 39 and 40 are so good, that we can’t go backwards. 41 is strong, 42 is a great show and all going through post ready for 2016. We do look at your comments and suggestions, and there is one we are playing with; Wilma becomes psychic, she sees those who die. At this stage we don’t know how that might work, but we are looking at episodes and working out if them is something to reverse engineer, and how far can it go back.

It is all interesting, be involved. Let us here from you. And share the series with a friend.