Frequently Asked Questions FAQ 02


Your Questions Answered – please keep posting them

Q. How do you fund the web series, it looks like it is not cheap?

A. It looks like a proper TV show because I have worked for over 40 years doing this. I do scream and shout and get un popular if I see standards even starting to slip. We have often funded our own development and our own films, so this is no different. We are not new, we own equipment and facilities, so we can afford to use this as a training ground.

Q. I meant monitorize, how will you get income?

A. This is all knew and I have heard many people speak on the subject. Here are my thoughts; the public now expect to get stuff for nothing. They can get Netflix and other suppliers for a great deal. I cannot see broadcast TV lasting much longer, in fact apart from our very elderly relatives I do not know anyone who watches terrestrial TV. So, you need hundreds of thousands of views and that is hard. Our Freightmovie channel is our biggest success at nearly half a million. So we watch and learn and try ideas. Doris Asks is a spin off series that will be in character. The missing episodes are also an experiment.

Q. You mean Episode 9, where is episode 9?

A. We are making one in every ten episodes pay per view. This is how we do that. It goes up free on release, fans and viewers are notified, we blog and tweet it and it stays up free for at least two weeks. Episode 9 is now no longer on YouTube, but there is a film of Doris recapping episode 1 to 8 and saying if you wish to continue watching for free jump to episode 10… and as it takes nearly 3 weeks for episode 9 to go pay per view that means there are at least three more free episodes after episode 8. If you want to watch episode 9, it costs 49p on daily motion. Episode 17 will be next. We will also try fan funding, but I want our YouTube channel to re establish itself again before I go down that rout.

Q. What happened with you and YouTube?

A. We were sabotaged, hacked, suspended, and now we are back. There is a whole blog on that nightmare. Because we feel vulnerable we have not guided new viewers to YT yet, or blogged or tweeted it much, but we will. We are now multi platform and the number of platforms is increasing so that means more work. We have a lot to learn.

Q. What will your next series be?

A. Shades Of Bad was not going to be first. It barged in with all the bad manners of a thug and has taken over, and Jean Heard is responsible for that. Our first series was to be a puppet series. That is still there, loosely based around a set of books I wrote years ago called the Woodland Adventure Park. You know what, I have lost trace of all those writings. There is talk of a fairy series, and a teenage vampire series. I am sure something will happen in 2016. But, my guess is we will recut the extensive unused Status Quo interviews from Fiji and retell those stories. Maybe there will be materials from Freight we can discover. I have vaults of stuff… time is needed.

Q. What countries does Shades Of Bad go to?

A. I am very sued to being dropped in countries all over the world and sorting out a team, answers, locations and shooting. Shades Of Bad has utilised opportunities based on other travel which found us in Norway for a few days, a second opportunity came when we were in Barcelona for a morning. The series is based around what we can do, and then we do it.