ASK DORIS – She can do anything, and does


As we speed into 2016 Doris now has two spin off series, each have their own playlists on the TV Channel SHADES OF BAD TV.

The first is a site where she fixes stuff. Ask Doris. The first three films are so different the connection truly is, ASK DORIS, she can do anything, and does. She mends a Sebo X1 Vacuum Cleaner, and then mends her Health Rider exorciser. The third, closer to home is how to hide a body microphone which the actors had problems with until they discovered this method from experimentation. Now getting good sound means post dubbing and they hated that.
There will be other films but this playlist will be a slow build though she will cover how to shoot a web series. We think we have that one nailed but filming ourselves when we have a small – no smaller crew, is not easy or a priority. We will also go on to show how to self publish a book as we have done with WHO DIES TODAY, the Shades Of Bad first book covering episodes 1 to 40.

The second spin off series is the travel show and it was born out of our travels to Norway and Barcelona where we shot DRAMA episodes covered in this Behind The Scenes Video. Norway was not a travel film and the first episode shot in Norway is to air on the 13th March 2016 the week after Mother’s Day. I should say here just incase you were expecting a Mother’s Day episode there is no theme on that, we are not that organised and things are getting very serious as it is the eve of Doris leaving the kitchen. So although we were not shooting travel shows while away, we have cut a Norway travel video from the footage and since we have shot a number of travel films and that playlist will populate at the rate of 20 films a year easily, we would like to target more and have ideas but not elastic time.

The Doris fixing things are there to save you money, and we know they have already worked from emails. The travel films are to give you just a glimpse of the place she visits, and they could save you time and money.

Mending a broken Health Rider – Wheel Repair

Mending an upright SEBO X1 / X4 series