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Book 1 of SHADES OF BAD is now available as a Kindle book. With the titled WHO DIES TODAY it expands on the material found in Episodes 1 to 40, often seeing the thoughts of both Doris and Wilma. If you are searching for it on Amazon use both titles. Search Shades Of Bad Who Dies Today.

Doris wakes up one morning to find her husband has not come home. She knows he is never coming home. Not because he has left for good, but because she has made a decision. She has decided he is no longer welcome. It is one of the hardest decisions any woman makes, far harder than saying yes then getting married. The end of a relationship is a huge decision.
Moreover, it is a huge turning point in anyone’s life, not least Doris’s life. Everything changes for she is now alone. A woman against the world, and she is not, never has been, never will be a loser. The question is how to move forward, what to do, how does the new Doris Shades develop?
She starts by killing her husband and ensuring she does not take the blame. The second part is as important as the first. It seems a good place to start, but then life never works out exactly as planned. The best laid plans go wrong and Doris Shades accidentally becomes a serial killer bringing to the kitchen the zero remorse decision making that her neighbours commute to the city each morning to work, she begins an incredible ‘work from home’ business. The thing about a suburban housewife like Doris is, that no one will

UK Kindle can be rented for free if you are in the Kindle Library scheme

USA Kindle can be rented for free if you are in the Kindle Library scheme

The creator Stuart St Paul has an author page on Amazon.

The first review was a five start review. Here is the Amazon link.