First Male Actor in SHADES OF BAD


All film schools and lecturers find space to offer that ‘great sound makes the pictures look better’. In Episode 16 the spotlight is on Mark Blackledge for not only is the sound and music as good as normal, in Shades Of Bad, but he invents a whole new character; Man on Phone.

Amongst the accolades Shades Of Bad gets, is a huge shout out for the music. Mark Blackledge worked with Stuart St Paul on Devil’s Gate with Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad) and then Freight with Laura Aikman & Craig Fairbrass and more recently the rock romp Bula Quo. But Mark, who owned the Soho based sound facilities Tamborine, spent many years as composer to the Disney animation Jungle Junction as well as other huge long running animations.

It is his input as the one-man sound designer and composer from his studios in the country that completes the professionalism of Shades Of Bad. The show is deliberately edited to be music heavy which works in its 3 to 5 minute format, but interestingly as they test edit the episodes in to longer format, the show becomes stronger as a piece and the music plays as too strong, so the TV re-edits, if and when they happen will require re-composition.

Such attention to detail may be afforded because it is his son Anton (affectionally known as Buster) who directs the spearheads the show and has so far directed over 40 episodes and is about to turn his hand to editing one.

The sound and music have always been a character to the show, but in Episode 16 Doris has convinced her mother-in-law Elsie that she has an internet date with a man called Bill, who unbeknown to her is one of Doris’s clients, a pig farmer she sells drugs to who would like extra special services. In the script the phone call was never meant to be heard, but such is the relationship between St Paul and Blackledge, which years of working together can spawn, Mark knew he had the freedom to experiment. Now the pig farmer is on the phone for the whole episode and is the star of the show.

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This is an amazing example of creating a part out of nothing and having a huge input, can we suggest you click here and VOTE for the show, and scroll down and vote MARK BLACKLEDGE BEST ACTOR this week, and JEAN HEARD Best actress, and also, MARK BLACKLEDGE and DONNA FLINN as Best Duo… well, at least we hope the show makes you smile

This is the first time Shades Of Bad has had a male actor! And he is brilliant, dare we say he has the same impact as Scarlett Johansson did in the film Her. Mark has made a character out of nothing and must return!

Shades Of Bad is now on DAILY MOTION with a new plan for the web series to try and monitories and survive. Within each SEASON of 20 episodes, after an initial two weeks free, two episodes from the season will be pay per view. This means recurring fans will see them free, but new viewers will be asked to pay for just two episodes. The viewer can then either choose to skip to the next episode or pay. This will be done on episodes that perhaps get a little edgy so it is also a reminder that this is series not meant for children. Its humour is very dark and will make you smile and laugh embarrassingly. Episode 16 certainly does.

Shades is also in the process of joining Maker Studios, the first book appears on Kindle this week, ‘Who Dies Today’, that covers episodes 1 to 40 (all filmed) for those who want to read ahead of ‘transmission’.