Voted Number 2 in World Web Poll Chart


Life is getting exciting in the Doris Shades kitchen, as we stride towards the end of Season 1. Season 2 is in the can and we are about to start shooting Season 3 with a world star, an olympian. It has been a huge learning curve on how to run a channel, build video players and buttons, and then the move to DAILY MOTION which allows us so much more as a film maker. Then being picked up by the Disney acquired Maker Studios.

Along the way we collected a 5 STAR review from ZooliTV, a great credit from the French Web Series Mag, and put into official competition in the prestigious Italian Roma Web Fest. On top of that, amazingly we have not left the top twenty of the world web series chart run by Indie Series Network and We Love Soaps since we entered it, since they contacted us to say number 8 went into the top 3. We did not even know there was a world chart. Peaking at number 2 for the episode that week, we also had other chart positions.
Jean Heard was voted 3rd in best actress for the week for her portrayal of Doris Shades, and Lynn Beaumont came in 4th just behind.
There is a category for best pair, which is almost always a male and female or two males, but Doris and Wilma came third.
Public vote counts, so here is the link, please vote.

Just a reminder that this has all happened because of you the fans and followers worldwide, so please know, your vote counts. You passing it to new friends counts. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel and out liking our Shades Of Bad FaceBook all adds to the algorithms that make up charts.

So during the voting period, Monday to Wednesday we will remind you to visit and vote at Indie series Network. Either go there and view Shades Of Bad from the list, or if you have seen it, just scroll down the list to the voting panels and vote. You can only vote once each day. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS TEXT AND VOTE BEST SERIES, DORIS BEST ACTRESS and BEST DUO of the week

A few words about the future. We have a new character in Season 2 starting on the 11th October. Ricky Beaumont. A Guest star on Boxing Day, Detective Inspector James Whale (yes, the TV personality plays himself). And a huge star name for Season 3 which is now going into production, and will play out just before the Rio Olympics. Is that a clue to whom he might be.

The first book is with the editor and by the time you read this you might be able to find it as a Kindle and Amazon Book.

Our first spin off is up, ASK DORIS. Yes, she is now a HOW TO internet expert. But would you have expected anything less. The first video shows her mending a piece of home gym equipment , but she has films planned on how to make a web series, self publish a book and social media marketing. You will learn much more about Shades Of Bad. Always check this web site, because we do try and update blogs and trash the junk.

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