3. How and Why – Shades Of Bad


If you have read the first two writer’s blogs, you will know the series was to be about women by design. As a writer I have a resistance to the norm’, kitchens and talking trash over tea, so I wanted to be in the kitchen and provoke. I wanted to do ‘House Of Cards’ in a kitchen, and let a housewife cause the destruction politicians can and CEO’s can with as little remorse as they show. By placing it in a kitchen it shows that attitudes accepted at work and by nations are just not right. Any, that was the goal. Trust me, it will get worse. I will have Doris take over the world.

I am driven by issues and topics, I love to challenge…. many other things that make me tick. I also have lots of stories in files, some even I thought I would never use in this. But just wait and see where it goes……..

So, when a series was proposed I started by saying ‘it could not and will not be be ordinary’, it ‘could not and will not be boring’, ‘it most definitely could not be something that we see on TV’. Doris had to be different, and as I had possibly three female characters I had to develop unresolvable conflict between them.

The usual sexual mechanics of infidelity that soaps seemed to exist on are obvious but we don’t need to see them, just the results. The total unhinging of someone who we discover is capable of no remorse and is set on revenge had to be the beginning of a viewable disaster.

But why?

I firmly believe that we as a society have become immune to the most ghastly crimes and injustices. News can report things we dismiss and ignore without a blink. Comedians can joke about bankers causing a global recession through their own greed, we can glaze over accounting firms representations of the Greek financial situation before joining the EU. The viewer has been trained to forget and ignore. So, in the spirit of entertainment and fun, if I take a small, unphysical housewife from Hampstead in northwest London, and have her set about all these crimes and say things with the complete psychopathic lack of remorse that a corporate CEO is trained to rain on others the audience will cringe while you laugh out loud.

I know from the feed back that people are getting it, but be prepared. Episode 9 starts to twist the knife. When I write them and the cast and crew make them, none of us know which script will be the most funny or outrageous. We do know number 9 goes where no other episode has gone. It is the most embarrassingly funny laugh out loud 3 minute ride – you will say, oh no, I should not be laughing at her.

So, Doris will escalate how bad she is, she will be noticed, she will be headhunted and all the things that happen in life to someone who shows her talents. Someone as bad as Doris is useful. Someone that bad has a place doing something special, and the worse they get, the bigger the entity which wishes to employ them. Enjoy the absurd ride.

Doris is scorned, her husband has cheated on her, but every action that happens next in the television escalated time line will enhance the outrageous. Trust me there is no where Doris does not go, and we have penned nearly 100 episodes now. The problem is our ambition gets more filmatic and more costly, and we have to contain it.

But that is how and why I go there, and where I am taking it. Three minute episodes was because I wanted to be multi platform, the phone viewers watch on the move and programs are short and engaging. I wanted people to watch, stop, and then think and discuss and share. I did not want to spend time showing off our talents, making something for our benefit which can happen with some web series, I wanted to provoke.

The long title sequence does get shorter in season 2, episodes 20 onwards, but most viewers know how to spool the show on and most know to hit 30 seconds start if they don’t want the subtle clue changes to the titles. It is there so you can relax, don’t need to reduce the advert box so fast, and can adjust before watching.

With the cancellation of some daily soaps in the USA, and I am sure some will go in the UK eventually even if the channels survive, the web series has become more popular, so I firmly believe that continual web series have a place in the future. I know we will get to around 100 episodes by next summer. Whether we ever get confident enough to go more than one a week may decide on how fast the uptake is.

As always, we rely on you occasionally seeing an advert you like and want to watch, but more importantly spreading the word and sharing.

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