1. Jean Heard speaks out on playing Doris Shades


Shades of Bad

Shades of Bad is a dark comedy drama web series with 3 min eps. It can be a guilty pleasure with a coffee, instead of a cake, or a binge watch. Whichever, you will become addicted. There are now many episodes live on our free TV channel Daily Motion.

Style Comparisons

It has been described as a sandwich of Breaking Mad and Dangerous Housewives. Doris is like a female Dexter acting out a home business in her kitchen with as little as the whole cast of House of Cards.
It follows the life of Doris Shades a psychopath who accidentally becomes a serial killer.
There is only black and white in Doris world, no #shades of grey. If you cross her you have to suffer, she has no conscience, and she sees no problem with that.

Basic Plot

In the first ep we discover she has found out her best friend and neighbour Wilma has been having an affair with her husband Brad. She poisons Brad’s sandwiches and makes it look like Wilma has done it. She now has a hold over Wilma and sends Brad’s mother Elsie next door to live with her, although she is allowed to return for work. Doris sets up a brothel for the elderly. She sees this as a service and applies for government aid. As Elsie has not had sex for years she thinks she is doing her a favour.
If you think all this is bad think again. Things get much darker. When Doris bought her house she found a young girl living in the cellar. She kindly allowed her to stay there and employs her to pack cocaine, as she runs her drug empire. So brothel upstairs, drug empire downstairs and you will not believe what she gets involved with next. Prepare to be mightily shocked!

So, it is a comedy?

All this must be watched with a sense of humour and tongue firmly in cheek.

How do you play a Psychopath?

As an actress we always look for redeeming features in our characters. We try to understand and play them sympathetically. Doris has none. She is totally self obsessed and her brain is twisted. She persuades herself that all her actions are justified and doesn’t see herself as a bad person. So you have to play Doris from the inside out. From her point of view she is a reasonable well balanced human being.

In talking to the writer Stuart St Paul he explained that we blatantly accept the most horrific injustice in our everyday lives so Doris is meant to shock us and make us think about the dark side of the world, not accept it. To be shocked by it.

What is different about a web series?

To make a web series from your own home is the most challenging and empowering thing I have ever done. We had no idea how much work it would be when we started. It is totally professional, from the filming, directing, to the editing and amazing musical score by Mark Blackledge.

The actors don’t just have to learn their lines, they are responsible for props, catering, putting on their own mics, marketing, etc etc. we have unleashed a monster.

We have been in the business a long time so we will be persuading friends with famous faces to do cameos. Watch out for them. Spot the stars! The web series is the way forward. Not only for the young like Buster and our children but also for us older but adventurous ones who refuse to be left behind

Please give it a try. Really hope you enjoy it. And FOLLOW the Daily Motion channel.

Mirror Mirror picture taken from Episode 21, the first episode of Season 2; Meet Reg.