Shades Of Bad on the James Whale Radio show


James Whale is a famous TV and Radio presenter, now hosting both the BBC Radio Essex Breakfast show, and a web radio show that is re-broadcast by radio stations all over the world. He also guests on Sunday morning current affairs and news shows.

Creator of Shades Of Bad, Stuart St Paul started as a radio DJ in the late 1960’s thru the 1970’s.

In 1978 St Paul worked on the same station as James Whale; the perfect storm. Occasionally they lunch together in Soho.

Recently James rang Stuart to interview him about Shades Of Bad, he hadn’t seen Stuart in a while but he had noticed what he was up to. Check out all the episodes on this web site… but it has come to pass that Detective Inspector james Whale appears in episode 32 which will be released on Boxing day. Below is a radio clip from one of Jame’s internet shows when the two just chatted.

Stuart St Paul on the James Whale Radio show

The interview starts at about 30 minutes in and last 30 minutes.

His episode is released on Boxing Day, and the week before they chatted again on Jame’s show, a second interview.

There is now a frank video interview on our site now where James talks about surviving cancer and starting as an actor.

The picture is from a later chat the two had in Doris Shades ‘Hollywood’ garden. this was after James had played the part of Detective Inspector James Whale, ‘one J one W’. Watch for the episode. Release Boxing Day 2015 on Daily Motion and Maker Studios.

We must dig out some old 1970’s pictures of the pair of them, nearer the date.