The Psychopath Test


There are said to be 20 tests for a Psychopath. Most powerful business people pass a frightening number of those tests. People who run countries and those who want power probably pass more.

Shades Of Bad asks, if it is acceptable to have those traits at work, what if we put them in the kitchen. Or in a generation’s time will we be naturally breeding a stock with psychopaths traits.

Even a lack or remorse shows itself in the harsh ability to close deals, bankrupt others and sack staff. Part psychopaths are all around us, it is just the trigger that pushes them to jump that that frightening small gap to full blown serial killer.

For Doris, a deliberately cast small ordinary but charismatic housewife living in Hampstead, it is the infidelity of her husband, the need to cut him free, and the very human skills of survival that kick in. It is just how they kick in, and how we observe from the save armchair and smile. Doris is dangerous, but no dangerous than most people at in the workplace.

See the writer’s other blogs on how he cuts society up and drops it into the kitchen. But mostly enjoy and share the show, before Doris takes over the world and it is too late. We are assured she will take over the world. You just can’t quite see how yet, but we can.

Here are the notes from the draft of the rear cover of the first book.
When Stuart finished his first feature, a children’s film, producer Daniel Figuero said St Paul was like a new Terry Gilliam and then along with Zygi Kamasa, now CEO of Lionsgate, signed him to direct the now highly acclaimed The Scarlet Tunic. St Paul’s creative ability look at things frankly and honestly has made audiences laugh, cry and be uncomfortable. Devil’s Gate was a very moving movie. In Shades Of Bad the brief he gave himself was to ask why people can watch disgusting crime on the 6 o’clock news and horrendous social behaviour on the daily TV soaps, (and he was attached to Emmerdale for 26 years as an advisor), yet ignore it. It is no longer disturbing. Add that to the accepted zero remorse of banks, managers, CEO, HR bosses and many politicians then you have to ask how has this become an expected way of life. What if, he poses, one takes a slim, ordinary housewife and make her develop those same psychopathic traits and work them from the kitchen. How would it be viewed if it were all centred around the kitchen and done in three minute bites for the internet. A Psychopath that no one would suspect, which is often the case, who works from home, which is also often the case. It is a fantastic and very dark honours look at crime, where those involved are no worse than in Spacey’s House Of Cards. What will happen to Doris. Well stay with us, because just as in business she will get head hunted and go places.

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