We have a drama series featuring the character Doris, then a series of books about a another woman called Violet, then we have a cruising travel show. Never been on a cruise ship, now you can do it virtually with Doris Visits.

The cruise travel show is a guide, a video guide to every popular cruise destination in the world, hundreds of films and information on line. If you have never cruised you will find it as interesting and as helpful as the tips for regular cruisers.




Click any episode above in the menu to catch up on the very off-the-wall mini drama DORIS, SHADES OF BAD There are 61 episode drama series. Doris, the strange woman out for revenge. If only she knew who it was against.



The Cruise guide and travel show, films for every major port in the world. This site gets over 50,000 reads a month. Welcome to Doris Visits.




These are books we have bought the rights to, the first three are about a mature woman finding herself, and love and adventure which often goes very wrong. The forth book is about Keiron, who leaves the army after what he thinks is a lifetime. One complicated by so much it is hard to imagine how it could become more complicated or dangerous. But is does.